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That's all fine, but what's the book about?

An introduction

A rumour that the Sight Sublime, an elusive power searched for over a century has been found, puts a research institute in the distant future in a state of chaos. All who've waited in hope or fear for almost a hundred years for a hint of its existence now seek ways to either destroy it or possess it.

The quest to make their highly popular nanotechnology fully legal has lead Seravina Giovanotti to admitting that the current methods have failed. Reijin, an alchemical society enjoying the privilege of peer approval is rumoured to take over all projects connected to the so-called Sight Initiative, a mission to prove the link to the existence of new forces that power the flourishing occult life on Madilune.

The decision has made Seravina and Dr. Birkelund, the leader of alchemists, many enemies, but none as dangerous as their closest successors. Dr B's most talented apprentice Hawken and the institute's challenger Soraya have allied to sabotage the new alchemical dominance. Their reasons are less than heroic. The first believes that the initiative shouldn't exist, and the other thinks she's the only one worthy of pursuing it.

But they're not the only ones with a backup plan. Dr B and Seravina are keeping a hush hush endeavour so outrageous that it could destroy the institute's reputation if it was even suspected.

A decision to call the cruelest of all inspectors to the institute was probably not a good idea.

The world

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