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The Gifted are Never Late

There will be three new titles in 2019!

After some trouble with Earthlings over what content the Infinite Library is allowed to reveal in their books, we have reached a full agreement with the authorities. The content of secrets that would propel this world into a methodological (or worse, magical) revolution will not be referred to in detail, and the most graphic parts of The Sight Sublime are still in censorship.

Basically, we must wait.

This has given us time to plot, and conjure, and think, and we've come out with three books for next year instead of one. We think this counts as 'happy days.' They will all be released with mere weeks between them, starting with March, and you'll more Infinite Library madness than you can read in a sitting.

So here goes number one.

The Cover Reveal:

If you read 'Flock to Your Poison', there's not much explanation needed to discover the group we'll be putting under the microscope (or atoscope, if we want to get all 24th-Century-y).

We'll tell you more about it as it progresses, but for now, be safe, be sane.

Love from,

Irulan Macabre

Chief Editor

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