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Our 2020 publishing schedule

What to expect when everything is unexpected?

UPDATED August 2020: The goblin of strange and uncertain times has affected us. We have halved our project deadlines to 2 books in 2020 and 2 in 2021. Sorry for the inconvenience! We want to be the best we can!

Wait till you get to [redacted information].

If you've made it this far clicking through the blog posts and other spicy content around here, then you really are a friend. Hi friend.

We understand that continuity is a big deal with series, so we're committed to an ambitious schedule for 2020, with a novel out approximately every two months. If there are delays, we will note them in this blog, but the books are all near ready, so it's all only a matter of QA and the necessary permissions to publish them on earth - easy! (not)

A lot of things are brewing, and we want to thank you for the thoughts about us. We see them and value them.

Current Schedule:

My Friend, The Gifted: 23rd May

[Mystery Title 2]: Mid July

[Mystery Title 3]: Mid September

[Mystery Title 4]: Beginning of November

If you have a question, pop us a message on Facebook and we'll do our best.

Thanks, and don't take your eyes off the Universe of Infinite Wonder.

E.L. Aldryc

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