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What happens when a book doesn't kill you? has no choice but to come out.

After many delays that had to do with the unique brand of trouble that can only be attributed to a time period that needs no introduction, our next volume is close to finished.

As always, you're free to express any quibbles you might have with long waiting times, but it won't make it any faster — the editing process for The Impossible Alchemist included more professionals than before, more editing, and a near-doubling of the word count after beta reader feedback that knew we weren't getting away with another shorter novel. Those ships have sailed.

If lucky, we're expecting the publication in the next few weeks after a few last edits and marketing arrangements, but our fears of further delays with printing, editing, and interior design have made us weary of strict commitments. What we do is for the good of the stories, and being a fewest publisher means we learn something new with every new book we put out. Thanks for being here for the journey.

Right after the publication of The Impossible Alchemist, we'll start cracking on our next volume in the series and we're hoping to bring it out by autumn 2021. Again, world-disaster dependent. We're based in the United Kingdom, which has been shaken by some plenty of strange occurrences that have affected our operations in the last year, but we're committed to becoming better writers, editors, publishers, and storytellers.

For now, see you on the other side!

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