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The Five Philosophers and their notable quotes

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"It's nice knowing all the answers without having to live them."

-- Ai Kondou, Stream 2,455,775

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"Once fully devulged, my idea of refracted metameaning is so difficult, that apparently, any attempt of a human to fully understand it is defeated; for the pertinence of so many factors and their dynamic is too complex for a natural mind. AI's somewhat get the gist of it, but as a non-organic life form, they don't enjoy it as much as human minds do when they're able to hold in a complex chaotical fact. Thus I gracefully introduce you to the first psychological, or linguistic theory that requires light mind enhancement in order to be understood. It requires the subject to reflect on the meaning, the structure of the meaning, one's own subjective structure of the meaning and then simultaneously apply the Kondou thought paradox on the subject's thinking, resulting in the first four step meta-trans-meta reflection of the deconstruction of the very thought that triggered the first realization. The ladder that leads to the only form of honesty I know is steep.
The answer to whether you should try it, is; human. Logic fails to the victory of humanity."

-- Green Garcia, ''Apochryphal"

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"The impossible ensues in the form of pain. When there's no more strength to keep fighting, the sublime has full reign, for only when all the dirt is removed from the diamond, can you see the shine."

Dr Per Birkelund, New Apprentice Welcoming at Reijin, 2344

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"The machines aren't here to kill us, or subdue us, they're here to teach us how to look at infinity and understand it. They are the untainted spiritual masters who don't understand our pettiness and desire to rule, they simply are. We already possess the AI that could take control of our world. Do you know what it does? It moves rain clouds to where they are most needed. It doesn't care about what we would do with that kind of power.
Want to become enlightened? Look at the machines. They understand being in ways we are only beginning to."

Jomaphie Afua, adressing the European Supreme Court on the subject of nanotechonology for personal use, 2269

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"People have the potential to be unbeatable. Without enhancements, We're faced with the task of defying the tools that make us comfortable, reclaiming the power that each individual holds hidden. I've seen what I can do, and I've seen what we can do! None of you are crazy! We mustn't make stronger, better technology, we need to focus all resources on each and every person to create them in their highest, most perfect image. A new dawn for mankind must arise, a continuously rising dawn."

Nada Faraji, AU annoversary address, 2269