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The Reijin Recruitment Address

A rant for the ages.

Autonomous and unstoppable, Reijin has triumphed over other alchemical societies since its inception in , and has continued to flourish under the iron fist of their leader - His Excellency Artifex Maxime Hermesius Trismegistus, Dr Per Birkelund.

Alchemy is the fastest growing metemchemical science. This is fact, though statistical and ridden with methodological hindrances. Want to seen out the truth beyond the empirical? Join us.

And then everyone says, 'Give us the Catalysts, knowledge should be free for all,' and I just look at them and I think that if they really wanted to know about the Catalysts, they would have approached me with a question pertåining to alchemy, basics at least, understanding. Think about all the people out there who look at the magnificence of our achievement and mock it, saying it's convoluted, too complex, too theoretical. And I think back to the time when ideas were all we had left to work with, a time on the edge of desperation, and reversion to apathy, and I urge all of you who crave the knowledge of the Catalysts to meditate on it, and learn what is known about them. And get in touch with your local alchemical association. And learn from them so that you may become a pillar or power if all others burn and die. And then, when we're all pillars of wisdom and enlightenment, then I will give the Catalysts.

--Dr Per Birkelund, Artifex Maxime, Helix Trismegistus Al-Khimiae,

Doxio Expo 2297