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    He said he'd explain things. Some of us are sorry we asked. Yet another victim of--

    The universe of Infinite WOnder

  • The AIs did a really bad job with this blurb, bless' em, so I guess the author’s going to have to write that too.

    The Universe of Infinite Wonder is an ongoing series about four young scientists who find themselves working for the world’s most prestigious research institute just as the world approaches the precipice of progress that could either elevate it or destroy it for good.



    They all lie. They all have secrets. And none of them want to do what's right.



  • This series has multiple points of entry

    These things happen when futures become wibbly wobbly.

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    The classic option

    My Friend, The Gifted is suitable for those who like confident, gung-ho heroes who bravely march towards adventure.

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    The rebel option

    The Impossible Alchemist is suitable for those who like anxious, perpetually annoyed characters who keep refusing the call.

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    The erudite option

    We've always considered the Tabula Smaragdina an essential read. So, why not? It's free.

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    My Friend, the Gifted

    My Friend, the Gifted

    What would you do to set your self apart from the rest?

    Elodie Marchand has an easy answer to that—she’d be gifted. In the complicated context of the 24rd century, this means she’d either be deliciously telepathic, have the power to see the future, or pull knowledge from inaccessible remote places. Whichever, really. She’s not fussed. Getting there seems easy too; the illustrious research institute she works for keeps inviting her to get tested for hidden potential, and the gifted get much better jobs than the menial lab work she’s mostly tasked with in her dreary daily life.


    This is Madilune, an artificial island build on transformative ideas of the Five Philosophers who promised to deliver humanity to a magical future, where nothing is ever easy. There are some who think the gifted are bad, and one of the biggest campaigners against the gifted is the institute’s biggest rising star, Soraya Gourrami, Elodie’s best friend. This wouldn’t be an issue if Elodie didn’t love her quite so much, in spite of a fair amount of jealousy she can’

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  • Welcome To Madilune

    The Sight Institute in pleasant numbers


    New mutabilis types of matter registered every year.


    Philosophers. But four are real, and actually, only three matter.


    Members legally registered by the Rising Dawn with extra sensory abilities

    2 million

    Components (and more to come) comprising the Sight Institute's tola nano drones.

  • The Library

    You should definitely check what all the fuss is about before you commit to the Madilunian Madness...

    November 24, 2017
    E.L. Aldryc is an exotic foreigner who grew up reading only the best in sci fi and fantasy - Dune...
    Autonomous and unstoppable, Reijin has triumphed over other alchemical societies since its...
    "It's nice knowing all the answers without having to live them." -- Ai Kondou, Stream 2,455,775...
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