• Here by unpopular demand. A first spiralling journey into the world of the gifted. A new milestone in the search for--

    The universe of Infinite WOnder

  • What am I getting myself into?

    We've finally found a stable timeline. We can finally tell the story.

  • The Library

    You should definitely check what all the fuss is about before you commit to the Madilunian Madness...

    UPDATED August 2020: The goblin of strange and uncertain times has affected us. We have halved...
    E.L. Aldryc is an exotic foreigner who grew up reading only the best in sci fi and fantasy - Dune...
    "It's nice knowing all the answers without having to live them." -- Ai Kondou, apocryphal...
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  • Welcome To Madilune

    The Sight Institute in pleasant numbers


    New mutabilis types of matter registered every year.


    Philosophers. But four are real, and actually, only three matter.


    Members legally registered by the Rising Dawn with extra sensory abilities

    2 million

    Components (and more to come) comprising the Sight Institute's tola nano drones.

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